Then eventually got bored of OSRS

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I am not tryna be inflammatory, I am rs3 gold just seeing more... Gripes on this subreddit about the groups running RS3. I see comparable concurrent RuneScape participant prices, but what exactly do you guys think? To what sounds like a OSRS community, or go back and begin from scratch? I am stumped. Both are fun for different reasons, I am really searching for the community's thoughts.

RS3 is much more about the endgame because amounts are simple to get, so it's mostly about high level PvM. There are a lot of quality-of-life upgrades and things can be carried out afk, instead of the carpal tunnel grind-fest that is initial. PvM has far more complexity than OSRS and also the skill ceiling is actually high, individuals who are good enough could take on group bosses independently or perform struggles without a food/armor, etc.. OSRS kept the grindy degrees and also you can't afk so there are more low-mid level RuneScape players, while it can be quite empty in RS3 outside of a couple places where large level RuneScape players congregate. OSRS minigames are more living and the community is bigger but they also have more robots, while RS3 minigames are basically all dead. OSRS still has a pvp scene while RS3 does not really. High level PvM is mostly.

Tyvm sense. I have a buddy who performs osrs and"carpel tunnel grinding" is his typical bread peanut butter in matches lmao. RS3 has tons of different skills and you have to use the ideal ones at the ideal times to counter boss mechanics and not die or get healed instead. It's how proficient RuneScape players may survive 2 hours of a team boss whilst independently and win.I'd say stay with the major match (RS3) unless you've got a particular reason to play OSRS, e.g. you enjoy the old combat system, the images, the grind, etc..

Like many other people, I stopped upon EoC release. Came because of OSRS mobile back. Played for a lengthy time.Then eventually got bored of OSRS and moved back to RS3. I like the new combat system more than I ever liked the old one. The downside is I have friends that perform their telephones and mobile only can not handle RS3. So they are stuck with OSRS. 07 scape nevertheless has a special place in my heart but damn does it feel like a job. A few days I up gave me carpal tunnel and wonder wtf I'm doing with my life. Well, anyway. I guess I grew up. And I'm not as hardcore as I was. Only nothing but a casual geymer.

As somebody who has played since RSC (although I skipped lots of this RS2 period), I am a massive fan of Runescape compared to Old School to buy OSRS gold. I simply love all the QOL improvements and the expanded features record personally.That's completely what I am thinking. Not that OS does not get QoL but man, there's a lot of stuff that makes life easier in RS3. Ive been mining to train up for Priffdinas.It is well worth noting RuneLite is an add-on that a gigantic amount of OSRS RuneScape players utilize and it adds a lot of really major QOL. In case the site is to be reliable, about 84K/134K RuneScape players online OSRS right now use RuneLite. It is not going to let you AFK the way RS3 does or anything like this, but it has more things than I could record.