It's so difficult for me to get MUT on board

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Wish MUT was a total different video game and regular Madden focused on franchise and moved deep in details with it instead of taking shit outside and Madden nfl 21 coins creating franchise so bare. It's mad that Madden 03 has a franchise mode than Madden 20. Take a peek at what they've for nhl 20 it's so detailed and in depth. Ya understand what nhl 20 does not have? Connected franchise style. You understand what nhl used to possess? Connected franchise style. EA Sports is not stupid. They see the business model of cherry and apple with it.o be honest though, joined franchise never functioned. It was the buggy and most laggiest mode I have ever played.

This is the first season where nhl added a bunch of stuff and has awakened. Before, you just had HUT with no motive to play anything. GM style was and still is lame and become a pro is dull like usual. At which the devs should find some props, the club manners though are. I 100% agree with this, although MUT is loved by me. Have a match for MUT and concentrate most of time and on franchise teams on a different game. This is coming from somebody who mostly plays MUT.Honest question.what do get out of MUT.not to insult u whatsoever but to me it's really the worst shit ever so as a player I wanna kno ur ideas on why it is enjoyable.

The truth is, 80 percent of those players are run the same shitty plays with the game. However, the reason is that I really like the feeling of getting to upgrade my team although hard work and working hard to get players that are great. As a NMS participant, it just feels great to finally get the group I want.this 100 percent, when I was looking for a career for like 6+ months after college I played with a shitload of MUT NMS and getting players I loved irl on my group was so fucking fun. Had a full Chargers theme group and a couple other players I loved to cover their poor positions, and grinding for it had been dull but so satisfying.

It's so difficult for me to get MUT on board to buy mut coins madden 21, they do a terrible job on boarding players. Every year I tell myself I will try it and in my very first match I play a man using a stacked roster who actually just runs a deep fade every drama because his WR is miles faster than whatever scrub CB I have. I suppose that is supposed to incentivize me to want to build my group, all it actually does is make me feel just like Madden nfl protects players with deep pockets.